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    ~ WELCOME TO Jacklyn Zeman Beauty Essentials ~

    Jacklyn Zeman does it all!

    * Mother

    * Actress

    * Author

    * TV/Radio Host

    * Designer

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Welcome to Jacklyn Zeman


The Jacklyn Zeman Make-up Brush System + Travel Bag

  • Easy to use for a smooth, seamless application
  • Includes a Durable Case to protect your make-up brushes
  • Delivers visible results
  • Washable for simple maintenance

Our line of brushes feature:

  • High end, long lasting wooden handles from renewable sources
  • Quality brass & copper ferrules
  • Sable, pony, goat & synthetic hairs have been used in the various brushes, for optimal application of your make up from start to finish.

Product Line

Purchase The Jacklyn Zeman Make-up Brush System + Travel Bag

Jacklyn Zeman does it all!

Mother-Actress-Author-TV/Radio Host-Designer.

Now after more than 6,000 episodes as nurse “Bobbie Spencer” Chief Surgical RN on ABC’s General Hospital; she has launched her own cosmetics company, Jacklyn Zeman Beauty, with Cheryl Krebs, music industry specialist and long time best friend. In addition, Jacklyn continues to appear in her ongoing role as southern belle, Sofia Madison on Indie Drama “The Bay”.

"Spread your wings, fly high and strong, with confidence and love in you and around you. Commit to take good care of yourself. You are beautiful."

Jacklyn Zeman


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